Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Top 20 Worlds Most Beautiful Living Spaces by

Living Room of a house is one of the most important spaces. It has to beautiful, spacious and also match the taste of the home owner since a home owner spends most of his time here. A living room also forms an integral part of the style statement for the home owner when he has guests in his home. lists some of the top interior designers and architects who design and execute such spaces for the home owner. Below is some 20 top interior design ideas for living room

Living Room with fireplace

Roof top living room interior design

Cozy Living room for a cold city

Living Room for a fireplace

Expansive living room

Modern living room interior design in wood

Extremely stylish porch design interiors of a living room

Living room by the sea

Living cum bedroom with a open glass roof

Living room cum balcony interior design by the mountains

Aquarium bedroom interior design

Living room near swimming pool

Living room near swimming pool

Bedroom interior design overlooking the mountains

Living room overlooking the sea

Wooden open living room for a second home villa

compact living room

Rich and modern living room interior design

Living room interior design

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