Wednesday, 17 September 2014

4 Ways to Deck Up Your Home for Winters

With the crisp winter air comes a natural desire to cozy up at home with warm drinks, fluffy throws and the glow of candlelight. It’s also a time of year when you might want to entertain more. By making a few smart purchases and, if you’re feeling crafty, doing a project or two, you can perk up your home and stay within your budget. From elegant art walls to creative ways with paint, here are a dozen ways to spruce up your nest this winter

1. Give your dresser a makeover. This glamorous dresser looks like a custom piece, when in fact it’s from (drum roll, please) Ikea. A set of stick-on Greek-key-patterned overlays and a steady hand are all you need to transform a plain white dresser into a focal point like this one. Instead of overlays, you could also use a stencil to paint on the pattern with gold paint. You can get dressing room ideas on

2. Dig some old fancy treasures out of storage. Give your living room a personal touch by bringing out a few old family photos and treasures to display. Anchor the arrangement with a large mirror and fill in the gaps with candles and vases. 

3. Bring in new houseplants. Fresh, living houseplants can do so much for a space. They bring in oxygen and add life, texture and sculptural shapes. Try that decorator favorite, the fiddle leaf fig, in a big basket cachepot, succulents in a terrarium and small potted plants on a credenza.

4. Paint your bedroom a rich color. A can of paint is not a major investment, but changing the wall color of a room can have a huge impact. This fall try a rich blue-gray in the bedroom for an opulent look. For bedroom ideas you can also check out

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