Sunday, 28 September 2014

Interiors of Google's worldwide offices - Article by

Google reception desk

Its often said that the employees are the one which make a company awesome. But for the founders and owners to retain such employees has always been a task. Google has been a smart mover in this case. With a general attitude of making the workplace happy, the interior designs of all its offices across the world has been employee centric with a focus on making sure all the needs and the 'luxury' of the employee is taken care of. Interior designers had been given a specific task. Make the offices so funky that the employees would not want to go home. And guess what - it worked!

The happiness and satisfaction quotient of Google employees far surpass any other company and interiors has a huge role to play in it. At we try to list such interior designers who are into commercial property interior designing and architecture. Here is a list of some photos of Googles offices across the world

Google play area

Colorful washroom

Work floor

Work area in booths

Break area





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