Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Sophisticated Penthouse Displaying Creative Design Ideas by

Living cum bedroom on

Welcome to a sophisticated contemporary penthouse with two roof terraces and an unforgettable interior design. The loft spreads over an area of more than 200 square meters. The heart of the apartment is a large living room, which hosts an inviting dining area, corner sofas and a beautiful fireplace. Natural materials are a recurring theme in this unique penthouse and are reflected by the polished pine floors that go hand in hand with the black painted ceiling beams. A piano is located next to one of the windows and we can only imagine how welcoming the atmosphere becomes, once someone starts playing. White walls contrast the colorful decorating elements of the interior and give an overall feeling of freshness. The penthouse has no less than three bedrooms, all ensuring a large degree of comfort. Have a look at the photos and don’t forget to share your impressions. On you can find multiple more design ideas by amazing professionals

Living Room of a penthouse

Bathroom ideas

Rich and modern bedroom

Kitchen island

Piano Area

Bedroom design

Authentic bedroom

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